Canberra Centenary

My proposal to the Centenary of Canberra that roving musicians float by on boats rather than wander on land was enthusiastically supported by Creative Director Robyn Archer and Event Director Geoff Cobham.

For the project I programmed 11 hours of floating musical entertainment and employed over 112 artists (87 from Canberra) on 10 boats with a departure every 10 minutes. It was an eclectic mix of professional and amateur groups and provided a very special atmosphere on the daySound Design
I conducted extensive research including a testing day when a variety of artists on boats were recorded from shore and the results analysed. Most sound was easily heard acoustically, especially from drums and brass instruments, however the use of acoustic cones for the children’s choir greatly improved the projection and focus of voices to the shore. Battery loudhailers were used for some solo artists. For bands, PA’s with horn speakers gave a focused passing beam of sound and added a nostalgic touch (as it sounded a bit like a 78rpm record player), with less spill to other boat artists.

Dear Graeme,
You did a mighty job! Your creative input to the event was a fabtastic and your patient calm approach to your work was much appreciated. I loved all the boat music. We would be mad to do an event without you!!
I look forward to working with you again soon.

Best Wishes,
Geoff Cobham, Event Director, Centenary Birthday Celebration, 12 March 2013


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