SAVED is a retro-mechanical music show built around rescued 70s home organs. Along with cassettes, a turntable, AM radios and a modified whisk, Leak weaves musical joy into the surprisingly beautiful mundanity of daily life.

“He walks the tightrope between earnest and flippant with disarming ease, neither over-egging nor under-playing his abundant creativity. Inventive and charming, Saved is a joyful way to spend the afternoon.”   George Sully, Fest magazine

“Its tone is so distinctive, so deliberately dowdy, so utterly just-so. It knows exactly what it’s doing and it does it sublimely.”    Lyn Gardner, Stagedoor 

“..fascinating to watch, and often amusing, if not laugh-out-loud funny.”    David Chadderton, British Theatre Guide

“it is a complex beast, made to look so easy – and that is sheer genius right there”   Donald Stewart,  Fringe Review

“Boldly Inventive, quirky and challenging, Saved is a clever thought-piece, and its debut at the Edinburgh Fringe deserves to find its moment.”  Helen Tope, The Reviews Hub

“Brian Eno, David Bowie, Sparks, Kraftwerk, Morrissey and Acorn Antiques – loved it.”   Martin Mendelssohn,  Audience Reviewer

“It is just sublime and just ridiculous, a joyful overindulgence in modesty, a knife edge balance of control vs chaos ”   Frankie Lee,  Audience Reviewer

“It’s as if Buster Keaton and Bowie had a love child and gave him a bunch of scrap heap challenge instruments to grace our ear holes ”   Ben Sturdy,  Audience Reviewer


Creator and Performer – Graeme Leak
Melody lines in ‘They are Moving’ – Helen Gregg

Director of Photography – Hazel Palmer
Editors – Graeme Leak, Hazel Palmer
Sound Recordist and Mixer – Graeme Leak
Colourist – Gareth Gordon
Audio Description Consultant – Emma-Jane McHenry

SAVED as presented for the 2021 Made in Scotland Showcase for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival was produced by Scissor Kick.

Please direct all booking enquiries direct to Graeme Leak, email 


SAVED Audio Tracks

full song – 3min

excerpt – 1m30s

excerpt – 1m30s

excerpt – 1m05s