SAVED show trailer 1m28s

SAVED is a multi-layered, retro-mechanical music show built around rescued 70s home organs. Turned inside out, their internal spinning speakers are exposed for us to see as well as hear. SAVED from the scrap heap, these 41 year olds still work beautifully. Along with cassettes, a turntable, AM radios and a modified whisk, SAVED celebrates an analogue era where A-B-C Fun Block and One Finger Chord buttons captivated our imagination.

‘Funny, skilful, engaging, tense,
inventive and dynamic’

Graham Rose, Creative Director, Glasgow Science Centre


Created by Graeme Leak with some additional material, voice recordings and show direction by Helen Gregg.
Melody lines in ‘They Are Moving’ composed by Helen Gregg.
Video Camera Operator: Hazel Palmer
Video Sound Recordist: Jimi Maffei
THANK YOU to Laura Leslie, Gill Maxwell and all at the Scottish Music Centre for hosting the premiere back in 2019.

SAVED is in the MADE IN SCOTLAND SHOWCASE at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2021.
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