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The Tits, with special guests The Pheasants, playing some pretty, wild, improvised music on a Bird Feeder and a Ground Zither. Filmed LIVE on location in Balfron, Scotland by Hazel Palmer – part of Eco Opera


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Birds landing on an amplified fence wire

Pigeon-metronome first encounter, filmed during tests for EweTube [now Eco Opera] broadcasts.

4 July 2020: Singing Sheep, recoded via the Sonic Tube

​March 24 2020 Covid-19 address by Prime Minister Boris Johnson translated via tape delay. Thanks to Hazel Palmer for the camera work.

Unveiled on April 27 2019, Piano Piano by Wallace Williams is one of many planned musical installations along the new Girgarre Sound Walk. Meticulously hand shaped, folded and soldered, intricately detailed and full of mechanical surprises, PianoPiano has already become a town and district icon. 

A six-minute edit of the eighteen minute FINALE composed for the ‘All-Star World Percussion Spectacular’ concert for the Commonwealth Games cultural festival, 2006

The Spaghetti Western Orchestra Live at the Royal Albert Hall 2011, full show. 2M views! 

Old school tape loop delay. The machine on the right is recording, and monitoring, input from the microphone. The machine on the left is playing back. Recorded voice is slowly transformed to noise as the tape loop re-records itself.

Ringing the Changes – for aerial bell ringers, performed by Strange Fruit,
​Melbourne Festival 2009

Say hello to each member of the String Can family, created by Graeme Leak, Wallace Williams and Pete Gibson in Girgarre, 2018

And Now for the News, perfomed by Louise Devenish, 5 December 2014

For a speaking percussionist, commissioned and first performed by Dr John Lane, associate Professor of Percussion and Director of Percussion Studies, Sam Houston State University, Texas. www.john-lane.com.

Girgarre Junkestra final indoor rehearsal before the Gala Concert, filmed by Liz Arcus. 

Cole Porter’s 1934 classic cowboy song performed on the Musical Fence in Winton, Queensland, outback Australia. The Fence is available 24/7 for the public to play and is free entry. Buses and carloads of travellers and locals visit the site daily.


Firebells is a public musical instrument, part of the Girgarre Sound Walk.

The CFA’s Girgarre Fire Brigade made a guest appearance at the opening of the Gargarro Soundshell. They also provided a surprise moment using the firetruck’s flashing lights and a smoke-bomb. The effect turned the soundshell into an alien spaceship. Then the aliens arrived…


Nobody Knows, for marimba and melodeon, performed with improvisations by Joey Eng, June 2020

ARTISTS Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey
VIDEO Cameron Robbins
SOUND Graeme Leak
the amplified piano is being played
​by a series of drips from above.

After one morning’s rehearsal on 22 Apr 2017 this group of mostly non-musicians opened the evening concert, followed by a range of acts who had all gathered in Girgarre for a camp-over weekend of music making.


Percussion Construction Team – the Hard Hat Concert – first ever performance on the Melbourne Recital Centre stage, when it was still a building site, 2007

ABC Landline story about the Winton Musical Fence, 2003