The Musical Fence in Winton, outback Queensland

been there, played that….

Commissioned in 2003 by the Queensland Music Festival with the Winton Shire Council, The Fence was designed and built by Graeme Leak with assistance from the Winton community. This unique musical installation is in fact a giant string instrument connecting fence wires to overhead acoustic resonators. It has become a popular tourist attraction and welcomes a steady flow of visitors who play spontaneous music on both The Fence and the Junk-and-Found Percussion Park.

In July 2003 Graeme wrote and directed a piece for over 100 local players for the inaugural concert at The Fence. This unique composition featured guests The Scared Weird Little Guys, bush poetry recitations, community hymn singing, pre-school dance routines and a crossover by the local pony club. A road train was to have featured driving literally right through the middle of the show but a traffic accident the day before prevented the transport company from participating.

Inaugural Concert Panorama, 20 July 2003, shows the Winton Fence Band in action

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Cole Porter’s 1934 classic cowboy song performed by Graeme on the Musical Fence in Winton, Queensland, outback Australia. Video footage of visitors: Hazel Palmer

Rebel Films short demo about the Musical Fence featuring Steph Greenwood and Robyn Stephens. Rebel Films write:

In Winton, an unusual arts project has become one of the town’s most loved features – a musical fence. Its now a tourist attraction where visitors can amuse themselves banging and bashing out tunes and crazy rhythms.