String-Can project: design inspiration and research

One-string Cigar Box Violin by W. J. Sutherland – 1948 Science & Mechanics Magazine

Cigar Box Ukulele by Shelley Rickey

I’ve been researching design ideas and building tips, trying hard to avoid Google rabbit holes.  Here’s a few that I’ve found.

This community is very active and the site has great information. I’m keen to adapt some of the structural ideas found here.

I like the plans archive and I particularly like this 1948 one-string fiddle and Shelley Rickey’s design uses cable-ties for frets

I’m nowhere near ready to instal frets but in preparation I’ve bought a fine-tooth saw. Apparently you can get by using a hacksaw, or you can pay a lot for the proper job from a luthier supply. I opted for the middle ground with the IRWIN MINI DOVETAIL PULL SAW. It has a flexible blade so will need a brace added to it – more when we get to that stage.

The easiest is to use bought machine heads, but in case you want to make your own here are some good ideas. I found these all over the place but did not keep track of their source pages so this is a collage of images.
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