Sound Explorers

Melbourne Recital Centre, 2012

A series of interactive sound installations created for the foyer spaces of the beautiful Melbourne Recital Centre, on show over 3 days in January 2012. On the team: creative producer Patrick Cronin, fabrication and design maestro Ian Bracegirdle and performers Biddy Connor, Neil Thomas and David Wells. Designed primarily to engage with young people, the installations proved popular with adults too.

The Exhibits 

A range of airborne musical inventions were demonstrated by Captains Thomas and Wells. Volunteers, trained on-the-spot, flew for the crowd. A specially designed perimeter fence kept the onlookers at a safe distance from the action..

Powered by a sewing-machine motor, Drum Machine was activated by Graeme at performance time. The ridiculous wooden device hurled sticks around to strike instruments placed in its path. Everyone joined in and played on a range of drums, percussion, junk and found instruments, conducted by the whirling contraption.


Specially designed acoustic boxes carefully amplified to add low end oomph. No invitation or explanation needed on this exhibit…

The Dripolator was set up on the balcony. Melting ice is dripping into water and metal tubes have microphones inside them. These amplify the drips and the environment (voices, cars, etc)
we listened to the sound from the microphones via a PA system, with periodic performances by violinist Biddy Connor.

A mesmerising combination of wind-chimes and electric guitars. The wind catchers of the chimes randomly played the guitar strings, tuned to a low open-fifth scale.

The gentle clockwork unwinding, jumping, drumming and whirring of hundreds of wind-up toys, available for all to play with, provided a constant background to the atmosphere in the foyers

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