Rhythm Orchestra

​RHYTHM ORCHESTRA is for any player or singer who wants to improve their abilities in reading and rhythm. Session begins with ‘skill-drills’ focused on a particular aspect of rhythm – for example, on-beats and off-beats; subdivision (quavers, triplets, semi-quavers, quintuplets etc); odd-time meters like 7/8 and 3/16; additive rhythms (mixes of twos and threes); traditional rhythms like samba and bossa nova and more. The rest of the session is devoted to reading, rehearsing, perfecting, performing and recording as we put the new skills into practice.


Rhythm Orchestra, Music for People (M4P) Summer School, Giggleswick, UK 2019

You are placed, by register, in either the high, medium or low section of the orchestra and choose any note or notes to play while you read the piece and concentrate on counting, following the conductor and getting the rhythm right. I have many pieces ready to go and I often create new material between sessions. I guarantee lots of fun and laughter as I show you the lush fields of possibility just beyond your comfort zone!

Rhythm Orchestra, Melbourne, 2013

Rhythm is at least half of music itself – yet the study of rhythm is often neglected in our training. I’ve learnt a lot about rhythm from contemporary composers and I’ve looked into the way non-western musicians think about, compose and play rhythms. There are wonderful ways to play with time that you may not come across if you don’t look for them. My Rhythm Orchestra sessions bring many of these elements onto the page for us to experience and practice together. 

I am available for Rhythm Orchestra session bookings. Please contact me to discuss options


QUOTES (used with permission)

The material was at a good level for me and found a good balance between technique and fun. I’ve never had polyrhythmic reading explained and demonstrated so clearly and well – Michael

Inspiring sessions and great fun too – THANKYOU! – Jane

Well prepared and thought out, excellent range of material of different standards, good group of people, enjoyed using different percussion instruments, very enjoyable – Graeme

I still learned heaps and got an idea of where I stand in my rhythmic and reading abilities and where it can get me if I work at this – Audrey

I enjoyed the workshops and found them challenging and rewarding. You managed to bring technical aspects and “feeling the rhythm” together – a most difficult task at this level of complexity – Nathan

Excellent class. A unique opportunity to really consolidate the feeling of ‘inner pulse’ and ‘group pulse’. Well presented – the material was often challenging and the musical results (esp. of the ensemble pieces) was satisfying and often quite quirky. I felt I really improved over the month. The virtue of such a rhythm class is you feel inspired to go home and practise things by yourself – Helen

There was a good mix of basic building block stuff and composed pieces. Really showed me a few things I need to work on in future – John

the class was very enjoyable and stimulating for the brain. thanks for the encouragement and enthusiasm – Christina

I had a fantastic time at the workshops. I loved playing instruments I wouldn’t normally play and it was great how they varied between the classes – Max

I loved the class, especially the 5 time, polyrhythms, etc. – Michael

1min demo of a Rhythm Workshop with the Grand Union Orchestra

performance by M4P Rhythm Orchestra, Giggleswick, Aug 2019