Previous Work

The Musical Fence in Winton, May 21 2021. Photo: David Murphy
The Musical Fence in Winton was commissioned by the Queensland Music Festival with the Winton Shire Council in 2003.  It has become a tourist attraction in the remote outback Queensland town. Like a giant naked piano, it sits aside a Junk Percussion Park with a Bush Drum Kit, Fuel Tank Swing Set, Hub Cap Array and Gas Bottle Bells. more >>

The Spaghetti Western Orchestra began life as The Ennio Morricone Experience in cafes and nightclubs around Melbourne. It went on to achieve international acclaim, with tours across the UK, Europe, the US, Asia and Australia, appearances on BBC television and a Proms concert at the Royal Albert Hall. more >>

Raising the Roof, for Arts Centre Melbourne, celebrated the re-opening of Hamer Hall in September 2012. Graeme, together with Patrick Cronin, created a major event that brought together hundreds of performers in a unique celebration of grassroots musical culture in Melbourne – with a part for the audience! more >>

An ‘All-Star World Drumming Spectacular’ arena show was staged at the Myer Music Bowl during the 2006 Commonwealth Games, featuring celebrated luminaries of drumming and percussion from across Australia and around the world. I composed and conducted a Finale for a massed ensemble of all the artists at shows end.

LISTEN! turns a venue into a sonic playground. Hand-cranked music machines and interactive sound installations invite visitors into playful engagement and spontaneous public music-making. For the Watford premiere in 2015 students from West Herts College and members of the BBC Concert Orchestra added hidden performances in stairwells and lifts, and offered pieces for table-side performance in the restaurant.  more >>

For the Canberra Centenary 2013 I programmed 110 artists on 10 boats for 11 hours of music that floated past the crowds on shore, with a departure every ten minutes. I also wrote and directed a fanfare for brass band and led a Noise Orchestra parade. 

Sound Explorers
Site-specific sound installations that are interactive and captivating for kids and adults alike..with performers acting as caretakers and guides, engaging and involving visitors in spontaneous sessions throughout the day.

The Incredible Hulls – A Musical Piece for Boats
The Incredible Hulls was commissioned in 2005 by Ten Days on the Island Festival. Scored for yachts, motor boats, dinghies, canoes and kayaks, the boats are the instruments and the owners are the players. The piece is conducted from the shore using semaphore, with parts for drummers and a band. Remounted for the 2013 Stretch Arts Festival in Mandurah, Western Australia.