Holly&Ted commissioned a sound design where they operate everything from stage for their 2017 show POLARIS. The show previewed in 2017 and has since toured to Edinburgh, Oxford, Warwick and London. 

​Holly&Ted is a female and queer led company made up of performers and writers Holly Norrington and Teddy Lamb; they created it out of a desire to bring fun and accessible feminist theatre into the community. 

​​POLARIS follows 3 different timelines; one in the cretaceous period about 2 dinosaurs from different cultures – a T-rex called Tracy and a Velociraptor named Val, another period set in 1997 about two best friends at school just trying to survive Year 10 and the other one in the future (2096) about a female astronaut leading a crew of distrusting males (some things just don’t change, do they?!). Their stories intertwine as the show conveys the way people (and dinosaurs) interact with each other.

For this production I designed a complete stage rig that includes a small PA and two amplified sound tables using contact microphones. These were developed after some exploratory days in mid 2017. H&T wanted to create as much of the sound for the show live as possible, so we decided to use amplified surfaces as they open a world of microscopic sounds (and are relatively free of feedback issues on the gig). Taped atmospheres have also been developed to locate the action in the past, the present and the space-age future. All cues are operated from stage by H&T using a wireless connection to an offstage digital mixer. The entire rig fits into two suitcases that travel easily in Holly’s Ford Focus.