The Incredible Hulls

was commissioned by Robyn Archer for Ten Days on the Island Festival in Tasmania, 2005. The instruments of the floating ‘orchestra’ are sail boats, motor boats, kayaks, dinghies and canoes, and the performers are the boat owners and crew plus community musicians. The public joins in at certain moments, bursting paper bags in unison and whacking the water with pool noodles in the finale. It is conducted from the shore using semaphore flags and in 2013 I added a system of foot operated flashing lights to amplify the visibility of the beat over distance. 
First performed 2005 across Tasmania in Hobart, Launceston and Devonport.; revised and re-mounted 2013 in Mandurah, WA. 
Picture bucket plopper Picture hull-hitters Picture sample boat part Picture boat drummers Picture pre-show chat


Mandurah, 2013Hobart, 2005