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Complete List of Works

Not all of  these works will be available at gbay.
If you would like to know more about any of them please contact me
Say Something for speaking percussionist 2015
Museum Walk solo performer, shoes 2004
Welcome solo multi drums and pre-recorded accompaniment 2004
Parade stomping solo performer with string can 1994
Panadol performer and pre-recorded accompaniment 1991
Nobody Knows marimba and melodeon, one player 1991
I Love Jazz solo marimba and voice 1991
Yo Yo Man marimba, feet and voice, one player 1991
Water water bowl, gongs, salad bowls 1990
In the Morning marimba and pre-recorded accompaniment 1991
Sink Symphony kitchen percussion and pre-recorded accompaniment 1990
Briefcase amplified office worker 1989, revised 1991
Spirit Dance marimba and pre-recorded accompaniment 1989
And Now for the News percussion with pre-recorded accompaniment 1983
Just Testing multi-percussion solo 1978

ABAF Quartet percussion quartet 2007 | 4 players
Percussion Construction Team percussion quartet and building site workers 2007 | 4 players plus site workers
Hello, a ringtone fantasy percussion quartet 2007 | 4 players
In the Pocket (interludes) metal, rocks 2006 | any number of players
Turtle Soup percussion quartet 1990 | 4 players
Drumsong percussion quartet 1989 | 4 players minimum, infinitely double-able
Rubadub (for Synergy) percussion quartet 1989 | 4 players
Percussion Maintenance Team quartet of builder-percussionists 1999 | 4 percussionists who assemble and dismantle a stage set as part of the piece

The Exquisite Now for groups of any number for Museums Victoria​ 2019 | Federation Handbells and mixed instruments
Spirit Rising
 for the Girgarre Junkestra and guest ensembles 2018 | 10 string-can and drum players minimum, infinitely double-able
Raising the Roof – Finale for massed community ensembles and choirs 2012 | minimum three instrumental groups and three choirs plus rhythm section
Ringing the Changes five aerial bell ringers and percussion duo 2010 | 7 players
Finale massed percussion forces – adaptations possible 2006 | *contact me!
Under the Bonnet for classic cars, bass and drums 2005 | 2 musicians and any number of vehicles
Funky Fence Winton musical fence 2005 | Any number of players
Drumming the Light for drummers of any number (in five groups) 2011 | minimum 5 players
Exhibit B piano and tuba OR piano solo 2011 | solo or duo
Everything in Front of Me SSAA children’s choir and percussion quartet 2010
The Coorong voices and instruments, flexible 2006 | lead sheet – melody, bass line, chords, demo
Eavesdropping bass, drums, kbd/horns 2006 | lead sheet – melody, bass line, chords, demo
Incredible Hulls ‘orchestra’ of boats, brass band and drummers 2005, revised 2013 | * contact me!
Hullabaloo choreographed SSA children’s choir, pre-recorded accompaniment 2004 | 3 part children’s choir and tape
Wonderful Winton Winton musical fence 2003 | any number of players
Sound Hunters for massed children around a pool or pond 2002 | any number of players
Happy New Ears ensemble of performance makers 2001 | event-specific score, consisting mainly of instruction cards for devising
Sixty Seconds for Astra choir of any number 2001
Water with my Water choir of any number 2001
Axe Lyrical four wood choppers and improvising drummer 1999 | 1 drummer and at least 4 woodchoppers
Honky Tonk for antique cars and trad jazz band 1999 | what is says on the tin
Noise Medley junk-n-found noise quartet (can double parts) 1998 | minimum 4 players, infinitely double-able
Fanfare for Darebin with Neil Kelly: mobile brass band with extra percussion 1997 | for community brass band and any number for community musicians
House Music – ASTRA small groups of roving front-of-house vocalists 1996
Cup of Tea SATB choir and percussionist 1996
Overture for Art and Waste flute, drums and remote flashing light 1993 | 2 players
The River Festival for drums and percussion conducted by strobe light 1992 | any number of players

Three Four Five string quartet and voices 1994
Enid Thinks Rebecca Misses Tom stomping solo performer with string can 1994
Sitting Standing Kneeling on one Leg choreographed string quartet 1994
Do This stomping and singing string quartet 1994

First Lesson commissioned audio work 2005
Oradio audio for radio broadcast 1997
All or Nothing Really audio for radio broadcast 1995