In April and May 2022 two INTERNATIONAL EPISODES were filmed simultaneously in Scotland and Australia. BOTH ARE NOW AVAILABLE at the Eco Opera website

What is Eco Opera?
Eco Opera features musical instruments ‘played’ by wind, rain and animals. It uses innovative techniques to amplify normally inaudible noises. Everyday sounds are transformed into music.

an inquisitive group of cows look over a farm fence at the Sonic Tube
A group of inquisitive cows inspect the Sonic Tube
A sheep wanders underneath the Sonic Tube
A sheep wanders underneath the Sonic Tube

Is it Music or Video?
The work is driven by sound and music, while vision shows us the sound source. Vision and audio are equal servants to the unique environmental music.

A small bird sits on a bird feeder that is fitted with guitar strings and bridges
The Bird feeder perches are fitted with musical strings, bridges and contact microphones

Bird Feeder
Bird Feeder has strings and tuned perches for birds to ‘play’, creating melodies and rhythms as they peck and flap while feeding.

A large black Jackdaw bird lands on an amplified fence wire
A Jackdaw lands on the Amplified Fence

Amplified Fence
The Fence has contact microphones fitted to the post. The slightest touch activates a complex and resonant inner sound world. 

A 3 meter perspex tube sits in a field, fitted with a microphone and connected to a field recorder
The Sonic Tube showing microphone, wind jammers and field recorder

Sonic Tube
The sonic tube transforms sound through natural harmonic filtering. Birdsong, aeroplanes, people, sheep, cows all become calm, meditative music.

The Tits, with special guests The Pheasants, playing some pretty, wild, improvised music.

Birds on an Amplified Fence has had over 140k views on Facebook and YouTube

Excerpts from August 2020 live streams

Pigeon Metronome Standoff

Singing Sheep, 4 July 2020